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Transactions and transaction-related structures.



  • Arbitrary data generation for transaction proptests
  • Authorizing digests for Zcash transactions.
  • Methods for building transactions.
  • hash 🔒
    Transaction identifiers for Zcash.
  • joinsplit 🔒
  • lock_time 🔒
    Transaction LockTime.
  • memo 🔒
  • serialize 🔒
    Contains impls of ZcashSerialize, ZcashDeserialize for all of the transaction types, so that all of the serialization logic is in one place.
  • sighash 🔒
    Signature hashes for Zcash transactions
  • txid 🔒
    Transaction ID computation. Contains code for generating the Transaction ID from the transaction.
  • unmined 🔒
    Unmined Zcash transaction identifiers and transactions.
  • An implementation of the [ZIP-317] fee calculations for UnminedTxs:



  • A Bitcoin-style locktime, representing either a block height or an epoch time.
  • A Zcash transaction.
  • A unique identifier for an unmined transaction, regardless of version.