Module zebra_chain::orchard

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Orchard-related functionality.



  • action 🔒
  • address 🔒
    Orchard shielded payment addresses.
  • arbitrary 🔒
    Randomised data generation for Orchard types.
  • commitment 🔒
    Note and value commitments.
  • Orchard key types.
  • note 🔒
    Orchard notes
  • Orchard shielded data for V5 Transactions.
  • sinsemilla 🔒
    Sinsemilla hash functions and helpers.
  • Note Commitment Trees.


  • An Action description, as described in the Zcash specification §7.3.
  • A raw Orchard shielded payment address.
  • The randomness used in the Simsemilla hash for note commitment.
  • A ciphertext component for encrypted output notes.
  • A Note represents that a value is spendable by the recipient who holds the spending key corresponding to a given shielded payment address.
  • Note commitments for the output notes.
  • A Nullifier for Orchard transactions
  • A homomorphic Pedersen commitment to the net value of a note, used in Action descriptions.
  • A ciphertext component for encrypted output notes.