Module zebra_chain::parameters

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Consensus parameters for each Zcash network.

This module contains the consensus parameters which are required for parsing.

Some consensus parameters change based on network upgrades. Each network upgrade happens at a particular block height. Some parameters have a value (or function) before the upgrade height, at the upgrade height, and after the upgrade height. (For example, the value of the reserved field in the block header during the Heartwood upgrade.)

Typically, consensus parameters are accessed via a function that takes a Network and block::Height.


  • Arbitrary implementations for network parameters
  • genesis 🔒
    Genesis consensus parameters for each Zcash network.
  • network 🔒
    Consensus parameters for each Zcash network.
  • Network upgrade consensus parameters for Zcash.
  • Transaction consensus and utility parameters.


  • The Consensus Branch Id, used to bind transactions and blocks to a particular network upgrade.




  • Returns the hash for the genesis block in network.