Module zebra_chain::transparent

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Transparent-related (Bitcoin-inherited) functionality.


  • address 🔒
    Transparent Address types.
  • arbitrary 🔒
  • keys 🔒
    Transparent key trait impls, around secp256k1::PublicKey
  • opcodes 🔒
    Zebra script opcodes.
  • script 🔒
    Bitcoin script for Zebra
  • serialize 🔒
    Serializes and deserializes transparent data.
  • utxo 🔒
    Unspent transparent output data structures and functions.


  • Arbitrary data inserted by miners into a coinbase transaction.
  • A Utxo, and the index of its transaction within its block.
  • OutPoint
  • A transparent output from a transaction.
  • An encoding of a Bitcoin script.
  • An unspent transparent::Output, with accompanying metadata.


  • Transparent Zcash Addresses
  • A restriction that must be checked before spending a transparent output of a coinbase transaction.
  • A transparent input to a transaction.