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Unmined Zcash transaction identifiers and transactions.

Transaction version 5 is uniquely identified by WtxId when unmined, and Hash in the blockchain. The effects of a v5 transaction (spends and outputs) are uniquely identified by the same Hash in both cases.

Transaction versions 1-4 are uniquely identified by legacy Hash transaction IDs, whether they have been mined or not. So Zebra, and the Zcash network protocol, don’t use witnessed transaction IDs for them.

Zebra’s UnminedTxId and UnminedTx enums provide the correct unique ID for unmined transactions. They can be used to handle transactions regardless of version, and get the WtxId or Hash when required.



  • An unmined transaction, and its pre-calculated unique identifying ID.
  • A verified unmined transaction, and the corresponding transaction fee.


  • A unique identifier for an unmined transaction, regardless of version.