Module zebra_consensus::router

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Top-level semantic block verification for Zebra.

Verifies blocks using the CheckpointVerifier or full SemanticBlockVerifier, depending on the config and block height.


Block and transaction verification requests should be wrapped in a timeout, because:

  • checkpoint verification waits for previous blocks, and
  • full block and transaction verification wait for UTXOs from previous blocks.

Otherwise, verification of out-of-order and invalid blocks and transactions can hang indefinitely.


  • The background task handles for zebra-consensus verifier initialization.
  • The block verifier router routes requests to either the checkpoint verifier or the semantic block verifier, depending on the maximum checkpoint height.


  • An error while semantically verifying a block.



  • Initialize block and transaction verification services.
  • Parses the checkpoint list for network and config. Returns the checkpoint list and maximum checkpoint height.