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Checkpoint-based block verification.

Checkpoint-based verification uses a list of checkpoint hashes to speed up the initial chain sync for Zebra. This list is distributed with Zebra.

The checkpoint verifier queues pending blocks. Once there is a chain from the previous checkpoint to a target checkpoint, it verifies all the blocks in that chain, and sends accepted blocks to the state service as finalized chain state, skipping the majority of contextual verification checks.

Verification starts at the first checkpoint, which is the genesis block for the configured network.



  • list 🔒
    Checkpoint lists for checkpoint-based block verification
  • types 🔒
    Supporting types for checkpoint-based block verification




  • We limit the memory usage and download contention for each checkpoint, based on the cumulative size of the serialized blocks in the chain.
  • We limit the maximum number of blocks in each checkpoint. Each block uses a constant amount of memory for the supporting data structures and futures.
  • The maximum number of queued blocks at any one height.


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