Module zebrad::components::sync

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The syncer downloads and verifies large numbers of blocks from peers to Zebra.

It is used when Zebra is a long way behind the current chain tip.


  • downloads πŸ”’
    A download stream for Zebra’s block syncer.
  • End of support checking task.
  • gossip πŸ”’
    A task that gossips newly verified block::Hashes to peers.
  • progress πŸ”’
    Progress tracking for blockchain syncing.
  • A channel which holds a list of recent syncer response lengths.
  • status πŸ”’
    Syncer chain tip status, based on recent block locator responses from peers.


  • CheckedTip πŸ”’
    Helps work around defects in the bitcoin protocol by checking whether the returned hashes actually extend a chain tip.
  • Sync configuration section.
  • A helper type which holds a list of recent syncer response lengths. These sync lengths can be used to work out if Zebra has reached the end of the chain.
  • A helper type to determine if the synchronizer has likely reached the chain tip.