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Transaction downloader and verifier.

The main struct Downloads allows downloading and verifying transactions. It is used by the mempool to get transactions into it. It is also able to just verify transactions that were directly pushed.

The verification itself is done by the zebra_consensus crate.

Verified transactions are returned to the caller in Downloads::poll_next. This is in contrast to the block downloader and verifiers which don’t return anything and forward the verified blocks to the state themselves.


The mempool downloader doesn’t send verified transactions to the Mempool service. So Zebra must spawn a task that regularly polls the downloader for ready transactions. (To ensure that transactions propagate across the entire network in each 75s block interval, the polling interval should be around 5-10 seconds.)

Polling the downloader from Mempool::poll_ready is not sufficient. [Service::poll_ready] is only called when there is a service request. But we want to download and gossip transactions, even when there are no other service requests.


  • A marker struct for the oneshot channels which cancel a pending download and verify.
  • Represents a [Stream] of download and verification tasks.



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