Type Alias zebra_state::SaplingScanningKey

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pub type SaplingScanningKey = String;
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The type used in Zebra to store Sapling scanning keys. It can represent a full viewing key or an individual viewing key.

Aliased Type§

struct SaplingScanningKey { /* private fields */ }

Trait Implementations§


impl FromDisk for SaplingScanningKey


fn from_bytes(bytes: impl AsRef<[u8]>) -> Self

Converts raw disk bytes back into the deserialized type. Read more

impl IntoDisk for SaplingScanningKey


type Bytes = Vec<u8>

The type used to write bytes to disk, and compare a value as a key to on-disk keys.

fn as_bytes(&self) -> Self::Bytes

Converts the current type into serialized raw bytes. Read more