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Miscellaneous test code for Zebra.


Launching test commands for Zebra integration and acceptance tests.

Some helpers to make it simpler to mock Tower services.

Network testing utility functions for Zebra.

Contains test vectors for network protocol address messages:

Common [zebra_test] types, traits, and functions.

Extension traits for Service types to help with testing.

A Service implementation based on a fixed transcript.

Test vectors for Zebra

Contains test vectors for ZIP-0143 data (signature hashes).

Contains test vectors for ZIP-0243 data (signature hashes).

Contains test vectors for ZIP-0244 data (transaction IDs, signature hashes).



A single-threaded Tokio runtime that can be shared between tests.


Initialize globals for tests such as the tracing subscriber and panic / error reporting hooks

Initialize globals for tests that need a separate Tokio runtime instance.