Module zebra_state::service::check

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Consensus critical contextual checks



  • anchors πŸ”’
    Checks for whether cited anchors are previously-computed note commitment tree roots.
  • difficulty πŸ”’
    Block difficulty adjustment calculations for contextual validation.
  • nullifier πŸ”’
    Checks for nullifier uniqueness.
  • utxo πŸ”’
    Consensus rule checks for the finalized state.


  • Check that block is contextually valid for network, using the history_tree up to and including the previous block.
  • Returns ValidateContextError::OrphanedBlock if the height of the given block is less than or equal to the finalized tip height.
  • Check that the semantically verified block is contextually valid for network, based on the finalized_tip_height and relevant_chain.
  • Validate the time and difficulty_threshold from a candidate block’s header.
  • Returns ValidateContextError::NonSequentialBlock if the block height isn’t equal to the parent_height+1.
  • Perform initial contextual validity checks for the configured network, based on the committed finalized and non-finalized state.
  • legacy_chain πŸ”’
    Check if zebra is following a legacy chain and return an error if so.