[][src]Struct zebrad::commands::connect::ConnectCmd

pub struct ConnectCmd {
    addr: SocketAddr,

connect subcommand


addr: SocketAddr

The address of the node to connect to.


impl ConnectCmd[src]

async fn connect<'_>(&'_ self) -> Result<(), Report>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Command for ConnectCmd[src]

fn name() -> &'static str[src]

Name of this program as a string

fn description() -> &'static str[src]

Description of this program

fn version() -> &'static str[src]

Version of this program

fn authors() -> &'static str[src]

Authors of this program

impl Debug for ConnectCmd[src]

impl Options for ConnectCmd[src]

impl Runnable for ConnectCmd[src]

fn run(&self)[src]

Start the application.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ConnectCmd

impl Send for ConnectCmd

impl Sync for ConnectCmd

impl Unpin for ConnectCmd

impl UnwindSafe for ConnectCmd

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